Sunday, February 24, 2008

favorite foods:

Kentucky fried chicken skin, melted goatcheese on water crackers, fresh blood oranges, a good asiago, rasberries, squid ink pasta, alligator meat, oysters,coleslaw, mocciato, shrimp for a snack, tahina, MILK BUTTERMILK, almost any pie, a good pastry, unforgibably funnelcakes, mahgherita pizza, lamb with mint sauce,


Pthalo blue, cobalt green and blue, red

Favorite movie:

Doppleganger, Quitting,


my journals

Clothing deigners:

Georgio Armani, Versache, Yammamay,Givenchy,bebe shoes Yves san laurent  FOREVER Christian dior 

Favorite place to be besides the meathousetfdfredfresdfrewsdfrewsdfrd:

In my Lookin tree.

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Jonathan said...

if you want to add more people, I could show you sometime or try to describe it now.
go back to your home page the control center place. then what you need to do is press the layout link. then what you do is click on the edit list icon that looks like a hammer and a pencil crossing each other. this should be on the righthand side of the layout page. you can also click on add element then add a contacts list or something of the snort. now what you want to do is type the blogs name for example smittys is artisticspiritandspirits that should be in the left column of the three. then add the html adress which in this example would be
then you want to make sure you apply the new addresses and also save the list, there should be buttons for this purpose. thank you and I hope this helps.