Wednesday, February 27, 2008


ACCEPTED INTO THE GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ARTS FOR MY MFA!! I really worked my buns off and it payed, Scotland will be so nice.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

favorite foods:

Kentucky fried chicken skin, melted goatcheese on water crackers, fresh blood oranges, a good asiago, rasberries, squid ink pasta, alligator meat, oysters,coleslaw, mocciato, shrimp for a snack, tahina, MILK BUTTERMILK, almost any pie, a good pastry, unforgibably funnelcakes, mahgherita pizza, lamb with mint sauce,


Pthalo blue, cobalt green and blue, red

Favorite movie:

Doppleganger, Quitting,


my journals

Clothing deigners:

Georgio Armani, Versache, Yammamay,Givenchy,bebe shoes Yves san laurent  FOREVER Christian dior 

Favorite place to be besides the meathousetfdfredfresdfrewsdfrewsdfrd:

In my Lookin tree.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


1. chocolate hotdog.....
2. fudge dragon.....
3. brown rag doll....
4. meaty chud....
5. fudge monkey....

Friday, February 22, 2008

To Do:

eat small meal/shake off dirt/ get butterfly out of mayonnaise/take shower/ listen to soothing music/then
Make coffee/ configure studio space/
/ watch the old ones, and decide upon transition elements/...THEN>>>40 new shots of animation tonight/ have cosmo handy and scissors/ references? undecided.
watch animation on intrnet/ (either either or)

woke up from the dead/you cant keep a good man down/ E mail Bruce la Bruce 

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My house is in boxes.
I can no longer be power (koh)\
rain and art for cats and dogs
I can read the blue eye
it raped my little 
star i was made of

I think my brain consists mainly of fried eggs and vindaloo right now, because memory problems persist often and often life is walking dream fairy. I have a few recollections of an easy time when I was child. Then mother did everything for me, and father. 
Perhaps its the adddddd? does that even exist? I have made a list for dear readers:

the best color is blue, the best food being that which you do not eat. the worst place to live in umerka is detroit michigan, the best gender is sometimes female, female is a terrifying condition, nearly a disease, incurable at birth. 

Best authors are bukowski AND tzara, if the two had a child we could callit bukzara, my cat died two weeks ago exactly. I had to put her to sleep, in death she has a name her name was sunny chiggins, shit, I cried for a fucking week! What does that even mean, It was a cat afterall, my italian friend tells me Im too sensitive, far too sensitive these are only animal. smoke bomb today,  biggest accomplishment was the swarma. where did that go?  My thesis has revamped itself, refusing to remain static. I dive into black parts of my brain as graceful as a swan, hand the cutting edge of the mind, mind the driving force behind everything. in and out like an autistic swinging or spinning. I had a helmet for that but lost it even lost the velcro suit i wear to sssswap things onto myself so I dont lose em.
So that indicates pressure. or pressure for the system.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Okay, kids there is a huge difference between internet sites "blogspot" and "Blogger" which is evidently the blogspace I need to be in at this moment, not the lesbian blogsite I was in before, including "falcon" porn confessions, what is that? People are seriously fucked up if they would ever care about birds fucking. So, I thought my class was on wednesday so I missed out on that tutorial so this was all diy up until the point that you are reading this. Ciao Tutti ISIS